Thursday, 4 December 2014

Local Green Space

The Friars Oak Fields Residents Association has made a formal application for Friars Oak Fields to be designated a Local Green Space in the Hassocks Neighbourhood plan. But now your help is needed! If you enjoy the use of Friars Oak Fields and wish them to remain in existence for future generations, then please download, fill out and return a Local Green Space evidence form to us without delay. This is so we can register your support for the Local Green Space application with Hassocks Parish Council. It is vital that we have all forms returned by Friday 12th December 2014.

Some key points:
  • Filling out the form is easy and there are no difficult questions!
  • You don't need to fill out all the evidence sections in the form. It is fine to leave any of them completely blank. Even just filling out one of the sections and leaving all the others blank is fine.
  • We do need you to fill out your name, address and email address (only if you have an email address, that is) because we have to be able to prove to the Parish Council that the completed forms are genuine.
  • Each individual person should fill out their own form; don't just fill out one single form to cover an entire household.
  • There are 2 ways to deal with the evidence form. You can print out a copy of the evidence form, fill it out by hand and return the paper copy to the location shown on the form. Alternatively, you can edit the Word document version and email it back to us at the address shown on the form.
  • Forms must be returned by Friday 12th December 2014.
  • And finally - every additional completed form we receive makes a difference  - do yours today!

Download the LGS Evidence form in Word document format here:
LGS evidence form - Word
Download the LGS Evidence form in PDF format here:
LGS evidence form - PDF

The presentation that was made to Hassocks Parish Council can be seen in the "LGS" section of this blog.