Sunday, 12 July 2015

It's not too late to vote!

If you missed the public consultation meetings on 10th & 11th July, you still have until midday on 17th July to vote against Friars Oak Fields being developed in the Hassocks Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan site selection poll.

How you can vote:
Either, vote online here:

Or, download, print and fill in a paper copy of the response form from here
and return it to the Parish Council Office, Parish Centre, Adastra Park, Hassocks, BN6 8QH

If you feel passionately that Friars Oak Fields should not be built on, you may wish to consider the following when voting:
(a)   Rank Friars Oak Fields (Site number 9  “Land to north of Shepherds Walk”) at 15th (i.e. bottom) or as near to 15th as possible. (Do not confuse it with site number 16 “Land north of Friars Oak” although you may wish to rank site number 16 as near to 14th as possible because it adjoins Friars Oak Fields.)
(b)   Rank the other sites according to your personal opinion, but above Friars Oak Fields.

1)     Rank all sites – the Parish Council have not said what happens if you leave any sites unranked.
2)     You must assign a different ranking to each site; do not rank two or more sites the same.
3)     You must put your name and postal address on your vote otherwise it will not be counted.
4)     Make sure everyone in your household votes individually.
5)     Please consider the information on all fifteen sites provided by Hassocks Parish Council when deciding your rankings.
6)     Be aware there is no funding to build a school on Land to north of Shepherds Walk (site number 9).